Philippe Schulligen - General Partner

Philippe is the founder of Five Five Five Ventures, a firm dedicated to assist professionals to navigate Real Estate alternative investments.

Philippe has first-hand experience in commercial multifamily real estate acquisition, syndication, capital raising and asset management.

Philippe is co-owner and general partner of 1600 commercial multifamily units, a $75M portfolio. 

Philippe also coaches and mentors multifamily real estate entrepreneurs to acquire their first deals.

Prior to being full time in real estate, Philippe worked a corporate job in the business jets aircraft industry in various leadership roles for over 20 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Science – Mechanical Engineering. 



Cooper-Young (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 80

Purchase Price: $2.67M (Nov 2017)

Sold $3.64M (Sep 2020)

Dogwood Trace (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 168

Purchase Price: $4.2M (Apr 2018)


Redtop (Birmingham, AL)

# of Units: 40

Purchase Price: $1.725M (Dec 2018)

Hickory (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 200

Purchase Price: $12M (Mar 2019)

The Crossings (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 184

Purchase Price: $11.2M (Mar 2019)


Marketplace Square (Atlanta, GA)

# of Units: 152

Purchase Price: $9M (Apr 2019)

Sold $13.657M (May 2021)



Woods at Ridgeway (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 568

Purchase Price: $25M (Feb 2020)

M2 portfolio (Montgomery, AL)

# of Units: 393

Purchase Price: $16.75M (Jan 2021)


In the Media

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