Philippe is founder of Five Five Five Ventures, a firm dedicated to assist professionals to navigate Real Estate alternative investments.

Philippe has first-hand experience in commercial multifamily real estate acquisition, syndication, capital raising and asset management.

Through syndications, he is General Partner in 1450 units $70M portfolio and contributed to raising $22M from investors.

Philippe also coaches new commercial multifamily real estate syndicators to acquire their first deal.

Philippe has 20 years of experience in the business jets aircraft industry in various leadership roles and holds a Master’s Degree in Science – Mechanical Engineering.


Cooper-Young (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 80

Purchase Price: $2.67M (Nov 2017)

Dogwood Trace (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 168

Purchase Price: $4.2M (Apr 2018)

Redtop (Birmingham, AL)

# of Units: 40

Purchase Price: $1.725M (Dec 2018)

Hickory (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 200

Purchase Price: $12M (Mar 2019)

The Crossings (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 184

Purchase Price: $11.2M (Mar 2019)

Marketplace Square (Atlanta, GA)

# of Units: 152

Purchase Price: $9M (Apr 2019)

Woods at Ridgeway (Memphis, TN)

# of Units: 568

Purchase Price: $25M (Feb 2020)


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