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Are you interested in supplementing your income, preparing your retirement or building a family legacy?

Are you tired of inconsistent returns with your investments in the stock market?

Blog Post: Real Estate Investment Top 5 Benefits

Should you invest in Single Family Rentals?

Are you worn out of managing your rental houses?

Blog Post: Multifamily Real Estate Investment Top 5 Benefits

Do you have limited time to dedicate to investing?

Are you unsure of how to do this alone?

Blog Post: Multifamily Real Estate Passive Investment in a Syndication Top 5 Benefits

How does a multifamily syndication work?

Blog Post: Multifamily Real Estate Passive Investment in a Syndication in a few words

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Know What
Know How


  1. Identify class B/C properties in qualified markets with value add opportunity
  2. Create a business plan targeting:
  • 7%+ cash flow

  • 15%+ internal rate of return (IRR) over 5 years


  1. Analyze a market 
  2. Target a property on or off market
  3. Create of business plan to increase the Net Operating Income of the property with the help of a network of partners for inspecting, financing, legal and property management services
  4. Introduce the deal to investors thanks to a Private Placement Memorandum, interested investors commit to investing and then wire funds
  5. Close the acquisition of the property
  6. Execute the business plan: re-position the asset, increase occupancy, raise rents, lower expenses
  7. Update investors with monthly reports
  8. Distribute cash flow to investors
  9. Dispose or re-finance the asset
  10. Return capital and distribute profits to investors
  11. Repeat
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Single Family vs. Multifamily comparison

SFH vs. MF comparison.PNG

Simplified Syndication Returns

Simplified Syndication Returns.png

Work Together

You can join forces with us in multiple ways:

  • Passive investor / Sponsor: We have a deal flow that we share with our Club Members. Evaluate deals, ask question, invest, sit back and relax collecting distributions.

  • Beginner / Mentor: We have first hand experience in countless deals underwriting, deal acquisitions, money raising, asset management and disposition as well as mentoring several beginners.

  • Partner / Partner: There are many roles and responsibilities when it comes to putting a deal together and opportunities to partner.

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Work Together


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"Over the years I have made some successful investments in real estate with Five Five Five Ventures; I have had much safer and beneficial returns than what I had with my diversified 401(k) supports"


Arnaud B. - Investor

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Let's Talk

Modern apartment buildings in Vancouver,
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